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Vadakkancherry is a place in Palakkad district known as the land of palm trees.In ancient times this place was under the Emperor of Palakkad. According to the Geography Vadakkancherry can be divided into hills, slopes and plains. In 1955 the first library was established in Ayakkad. NH-47 passes through Vadakkancherry. Here, Hindus, Muslims, Christians lives unitedly. Their worship places are also found here. The most important worship places are sree Kodikkattukaav Bhagavathi Kshetram, Paalayam Maariyamman Kovil, Sree Anchumurthi Kshetram, Hanafi-Jamath Masjid, Shafi-Jamath Masjid, Lurdh Matha Forana Palli, St. Joseph Yakobaya Church, Sacred Heart Church. In the hilly region, the main agriculture is paddy. The main source of water here is Mangalam canal. Besides this, 233 ponds are also utilized as the source of water. The creation of utensils made of mud, baskets, twig baskets, Mat making, exploding materials, bronze vessels, fibre ropes, lime, etc are the traditional industries which are still continued in Vadakkancherry. The spices market, Mannam- grossery shops, etc trading places are famous in Vadakkancherry. The schools in Vadakkancherry are proving that they are in a great admirable developing stage in Educational field. Including the Govt. and private zones,there are 16 schools, 3 colleges, 3 Technical colleges are here in Vadakkancherry. Not only the NH-47 but also the Mangalam-Govindapuram road, Vadakancherry-Palakkad road, etc. are there in Vadakkancherry panchayat. The Indira Priyadharshini bus stand in the main road of transporting. Palakkad Town railway station is the nearest station. The nearest airport is Nedumbasserry airport. There are special active care Health centers in Vadakkancherry.

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